Available packages of Tradexor points

Free Package
0 zł
Once per month receive free 10000 points valid until end of the month
Package 500
1,23 zł
Additional 5000 Tradexor points valid for 14 days from date of purchase
Package 15000
2,46 zł
Additional 15000 Tradexor points valid for 30 days from date of purchase
Package 50000
6,15 zł
Additional 50000 Tradexor points valid for 90 days from date of purchase

Paid access to the content of search result

  • The access to the content of search results is paid.
  • You can pay for access to the content with Tradexor points which are sold in packages.
  • Getting access to single search result costs only fraction of a penny - exactly 1 Tradexor point.

Payment only for things you use

  • You pay only for results which are displayed, not all which match your search criteria.
  • If in subsequent queries you get the result which was purchased earlier you will get the access for free.
  • Use without any commitments, agreements or subscriptions.

No tracking, positioning or advertisements

  • We do not collect any information about you.
  • To use our app you don't have to register, create account or give us any data about you or your credit card.
  • Tradexor points are anonymous and stored in your computer only.