Privacy Policy

Privacy of Tradexor’s users is very important to us. Below we present an explanation of what data we collect and what rules we use for their processing and usage. We limit the use and collection of user information to the minimum necessary to provide the highest level of service.

Scope and purpose of data collection

Use of the Tradexor search engine is anonymous and no data is collected about its users. The technology of Tradexor search engine does not use cookies or similar mechanisms.

With cookie technology, we collect only anonymous statistics about users to improve the convenience of using the information website We do not collect or store any financial data or personally identifiable information.

We make every effort to ensure that the information service is comfortable to use. To improve performance, we use the Google Analytics tool, which uses anonymous cookies technology, and we collect the most frequently used search phrases by keyword search, and we keep our site up to date for easy and intuitive navigation.

System logs

They contain data such as the IP address of the page, the address and the connection time. Logs are used only for statistical purposes and are not intended to identify individual site users. Their analysis allows us to tailor the content of the site to the interests of users.

We are not responsible for the privacy practices of the site owners who are linked from the Tradexor website. We encourage users to read the privacy statements posted on the partner pages, especially if they collect personal information.

Cookies - what is it?

These are small text files, also called cookies, that come from a web site that are stored by the web browser of the user.

Cookies are either temporary - stored until the browser is closed or expiry dated, which are saved by the browser for longer.

Simply sending cookies to your browser can in no way harm your privacy. The information contained in cookies can only be used by the website from which they were sent. The information website does not require cookies to be enabled in the browser you are using.

What cookies do we use?

This site uses cookies that are stored on the user’s endpoint device to facilitate navigation and customization of the site to your preferences. Blocking or deleting cookies on your device can be done after you have properly configured your web browser settings.

Enable / disable / block cookies

We use cookies according to your browser settings that you have installed in your device. Check that you have allowed us to use cookies or not. In many browsers, cookies are enabled by default. You may change your settings at any time in your browser or disable cookies.

For more information about cookies, see the “Help” section of your web browser.